SYSTEM-9 Philosophy

Tennis is a journey which all players will progress, but are they journeying through each of the stages in order to build a solid foundation in tennis?

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Tennis Siblings: “The Rivals”

Some families would love to have a talented player in the family…But what if you have 3 of them? How do you split your time and give each of them a balanced approach to their sport?

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Watching your Child Compete

Watching your own child play tennis tournaments is one of the most emotionally charged experiences that anyone can go through Edgar Giffenig shares his tips on how to make the experience more enjoyable!

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6 Easy Stages in Learning to Serve

One thing parents or even coaches should learn to adjust is using appropriate language when teaching children. I have heard many coaches tell clients that the hardest shot in tennis to learn is the serve. In fact, they are all as easy as you make them! Although this...

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An email from a tennis parent

I got an email from a parent the other day and my heart broke for the parent and the child. Parenting is so complex and being a child is so complex. When everything is going good, it’s all good but things start heading in the wrong direction, it can certainly be tough...

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Expectations of a Tennis Parent… and a Guitar

As parents whose child undertakes an activity, whether that is a sport, instrument or endeavour; we pay for that coach to teach our child to improve, and we would also hope that they also teach some life-skills along the way, not as a bonus but as a part of the...

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