The buzz on the tennis street now is increasing participation and we need to get more players playing the game rather than having a nation of coached juniors.

SYSTEM-9 is the ideal tool to bring kids to the game and keep them interested through fun learning and also developing their competitive side… without them realising they are competing! When they fall in love with the sport… then they are hooked!

For coaches to be able to add this side in we need to know what is needed and how they are going to deliver this. To make it easier for coaches when assessing and planning their groups we’ve developed the SYSTEM-9 Tennis: Group Planning Booklet.


How does it work?

Each term coaches fill out a new booklet for each group or squad session us

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ing the booklet content as a guide to SYSTEM-9 best practices.

Group Assessment 
At the beginning of each term, the coach will fill out the assessment for the following term by assessing the match play on the term prior. This will require plenty of observation and note taking to help see what is required to be covered in the forthcoming term.

Individual Reports 
Many juniors also have individual lessons, and I enjoy watching out to see what my players are attempting or ready for so I can make plan to teach them in their individual lessons. You can grade all the shots and take notes of which technique needs further work and practice.

Mission Cards
Parents, players and head coaches would all benefit from knowing what the coach is teaching the player… and then at the end of term to be able to see if the player had met is still working towards that target.

Ideally the Mission Cards should be completed and a copy given to the parent prior to the start of term. A work schedule that has to be filled in gives coaches AND players a focus and objectives to be achieved each term.


Lesson Plans 
We have 14 lesson plans ready for coaches to fill in for each term. These should be progressive and geared to what is involved in the previous analysis for the group, individual reports and our mission cards. If a coach is ill or cannot attend a lesson, then another coach can pick up the booklet and follow the appropriate lesson plan.

A Term Plan
For ease of reference, a term plan is also provided for the coach so they can see a progressive nature to the lessons throughout the term.

To download your free electronic version of the SYSTEM-9: Group Planning Booklet click here.

The Group Planning Booklet is ideal to give out to your coaches to assist them with their planning. Buy pre-printed and bound copies of the SYSTEM-9: Group Planning Booklet from, or from the Amazon local to your country.


Andy Dowsett
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