We don’t always need to teach a double handed backhand to beginners. Many players handle the double handed backhand well, however there is no reason not to try both the single and double handed backhand and see which the player prefers.

If a youngster has a role model or parent who hits with a single backhand, then they may try and copy their technique. Many of my younger players (but not all!) have managed this with success.


Below are FOUR easy steps in order to master this great shot:

1. Thumb behind the strings
This enables an eastern backhand grip. Use the opposite hand to guide the racket in front and bump back with a partner. Ensure you keep the wrinkle in the wrist to ensure a great and solid contact point.

2. Add the follow through
Ensure that you hit through and up (with the butt of the racket facing the floor), but also it is important that the opposite shoulder is pinned back without rotating too much.

3. Slide down and cover the logo with your thumb
Continue as before but ensure you push the racket away from the body.

4. Use the full grip
By placing the thumb behind the bevel of the racket ensures the correct grip.

Remember there are THREE key ingredients to a great single handed backhand:

  1. Wrinkle in the wrist or lock in position
  2. Keep the left shoulder pinned back (Right handed players)
  3. Keep the butt of the racket away from the body

This will then give the player a backhand drive which is one of 7 shots that a player has to be able to hit on that side…. The remainder you will have to wait for in another blog!

Andy Dowsett
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