As parents whose child undertakes an activity, whether that is a sport, instrument or endeavour; we pay for that coach to teach our child to improve, and we would also hope that they also teach some life-skills along the way, not as a bonus but as a part of the course.
My daughter has been learning to play the guitar for a few years at school. I wouldn’t expect her to be a Joan Jett or Slash already, but my hope would be that she has learnt some skills and has developed a love for the instrument.
I may be a parent, but I am also a coach of 24 years. In my role as a coach I like to ensure that my students (regardless of their age) have fun.

Communication Model
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Communication Model

• My job is to ensure they want to come back again to learn more with the friends they have made in tennis
• I also need to teach them the game of tennis so that can improve and advance into new adventures in the game
• I engage the parents to help with practice so that no session is wasted
• I like to find the tipping point where the student falls in love with the game AND I can push them more
• Only advise them to play tournaments when they are ready and have ticked the boxes above (as a rule of thumb if a mini red player cannot score without umpires then in my opinion they are not ready)

• I need to understand the route map of taking my player from where they currently are to the best he or she can be
• Regardless or not if they ask for them, I need to give parents reports on how their child progressing
• I need to continually educate myself to give my students the best

After two years of paying for guitar lessons, I had no feedback on how my daughter had progressed. I also struggled to understand if she was at a good standard or not. I did know the lack and reluctance to want to practice meant she had not fallen in love with this particular instrument despite the fact she wanted the lessons.

Perhaps there were life skills learnt somewhere along the way?


  • Make sure you are a part of the equation… after all it’s a team effort.
  • Ask your child if they understand any goals that have been set?
  • Ask your child what they learnt with their coach at that lesson
  • Ask your child if they can teach you, the parent anything to enhance the learning.
  • Sit and watch some, if not all lessons, to ensure the coach is giving the best they can in each lesson.

Good luck and if you need anything don’t forget to ask!


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