I have often known of a junior tennis player has been given an opportunity by their coach to travel and play Junior International Tennis Federation (ITF) events.

However, in some cases the trip to the designated country was strewn with problems because the players turn up for the event without an IPIN number. You cannot enter an event without this!

What is an IPIN Number?

IPIN is the International Player Identification Number. All players that wish to participate in an ITF tournament must first register for an IPIN. Registration is available here: www.itftennis.com/ipin.

IPIN is also the method by which the ITF communicates with players and by which players enter and withdraw from ITF tournaments.

We refer you to the IPIN FAQs

Please note you must keep your registered email address up to date as all communication regarding tournament entries, withdrawals and code of conduct are sent to this account. To change your registered email address, or password, login to your IPIN account and go to the ‘My Profile’ section, and then the ‘Security Details’ section.

Entering ITF Junior tournaments

Q. Do I need an IPIN?

A.Yes. To play ITF Junior Circuit tournaments a player must first register for an IPIN. IPIN stands for International Player Identification Number. Each player has a unique IPIN number.

An IPIN costs $40 USD per annum and can be obtained at www.itftennis.com/ipin

Q. How do I enter tournaments?

A. Through the IPIN Online Service. A player can login to their IPIN account and select the Enter/Withdraw tab to view a weekly calendar. The player will be able to select the week of choice and see all tournaments in that week.

To submit an entry, click the “ADD” button next to the tournament of your choice and follow the instructions.

The entry will be confirmed via email and the player’s name will appear on the entry list, which is also visible in IPIN.

Please ensure either the coach or the parent arranges this BEFORE you travel abroad. This information is vital to the smooth entry into events for your talented young player.


Until next time!

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Phil Vivian is a highly experienced tennis coach with over 40 years experience as a professional tennis coach.

He is currently Head Coach at the Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre in Olympic Park and is also a PTR Tutor.

To contact Phil visit his website: tennisclubprogramme.co.uk

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