Who is this workshop for? Who is this workshop for? This workshop is aimed at coaches and parents who have players already competing regularly at junior level.

During this two day workshop, Tennis Parents will give you a wealth of information to enable you to support your child as well as your child’s coach. You will take away a booklet of information giving you everything you need for your child’s future in tennis.

Day 1

Understanding the roles of the tennis parent
Talent vs Determination 
Parents will understand where their child fits into this very important quadrant
LTAD and Player Pathway
Parents will be shown the route of a player; from the beginnings to professional player and the many routes that are available.
Finding the right coach
Finding the right coach to help the process is all important and your role in the process and learning how you can help is vital.
Warm ups AND cool downs
Learn the warm ups and cool downs so that your child is not only ready for training prior to the start of the lesson but match ready.
Feeding Skills and Training serve +1 and return
Learn how you can help by learning how to feed balls like a coach, and what to do in helping to train the player alongside the coach.
Understanding basic serve, fhd, bhd, volley
If you are going to help at an early age, knowing these fundamental strokes are crucial.
Video Analysis
Giving the coach regular and simple video clips of your child’s shots or matchplay will enhance the journey and aid the coach. Here we will show you the angles to take effective video footage.

Day 2

Footwork workout 
Getting players to move makes so much difference. We will give you a booklet on footwork for players and how to work on this in simple steps. Literally!
Understanding competition
We will discuss when to start playing matches, how many matches per year and picking out the most important tournaments to focus on during the year.
Match Charting and reports
Parents will learn how to chart matches in a simple enough way to pass this information onto the coach.
Handling Gamesmanship
Some, but not all, tennis matches are an on-court battle full of emotions, gamesmanship, cheating and anything else that gets thrown at a player. Here we give you booklet on what to expect and coping strategies to make your player let the tennis do the talking.
Goalsetting and Planning with the Coach
Hopefully, the majority of coaches set 6 monthly if not yearly programmes for the more dedicated performing players. Those still on the journey of learning will have a plan but these may just be in the form of reports for the parents.
Communicating with your child and your coach
Understanding the right questions to ask your child, when to ask, and how from training sessions to match play is the glue that keeps it all together.

Conversing with the coach regularly whether its on the mytennis.coach platform or via face to face meetings enhances the whole relationship. Here you will understand everything that is required for effective communiction.


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