As a coach, I know that most coaches do a great job; working long days, weekends and outdoors in all weather conditions.  This is especially true this time of year when here in the UK the rain, ice and SNOW are all working against us! Many coaches are under-valued, but then there are a few who are confident enough to be over-valued!

Personally, I believe working outside produces a more rounded player due to the varying environment, however, having access to an indoor court at times, certainly helps the player as there are times of the year that outdoors is just not accessible. At the end of the day it’s the coach and the programme a coach develops or follows along with a great environment that produces a good player… that is along with the backing of a great team starting with, you, the tennis parents.

As a parent it is always good to know if your coach is up to the grade, and follows a good lesson plan each session rather than ‘winging it’. A good coach will have a planned route for each player, be that a participation of performance route. Lessons should be planned ahead of time and include a logical progression of activity.

Coach/Parent/Player Communication
It is important that as a parent you speak to your child’s coach to ask how your child is progressing and if there is anything you can do to help.

Finding time to discuss your child’s progress can often be difficult, especially if the coach is busy with back-to-back lessons. I’d suggest that you try out the coach/parent communication platform and then you can ask questions, give feedback and even see goals that have been set for your child. The coach can then answer in their own time.

The Lesson Plan
Below you can download a lesson structure which I show parents how to use when they attend my parent coaching courses. By sharing on Tennis Parents, I am hoping to give you an insight into what makes a well-planned lesson (bearing in mind there are many types of lessons and sessions), however for the majority of coaches the plan below is what you should see.

Do coaches do a great job? Yes. Can coaches do a better job? That is for you to decide ?. Check it out…

Download theTennis Parents Lesson Plan.

I hope this is helpful! Please feel free to share with all parents and coaches!


Andy Dowsett
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